Look forward to Gwanggyo News, a cosy storyteller
  • Editor. Yong Jin Jee
  • 승인 2013.02.08 01:55
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As a new, icy day dawns, we are in the newsroom preparing to open in the middle of February. We always feel so excited about a new change and at the same time we feel thrilled about the expectation from the readers.

Gwanggyo News is a kind of sensible “Storytelling” media which is quite different to the current descriptive style of the media. While these days there’s no content - knowledge exist, but no wisdom and study exists, but no culture- we would like to tell you about the citizen’s daily life and share some nice stories with you.

This media laid the firm foundation though consensus in order to be fair to listen to every one, not to certain groups or certain people.

Gwanggyo News will do its best to establish a new phase of interactive media in order to communicate with the readers.

What Gwanggyo News aims is to produce the life style form of articles. Stories without the reality and contents will make a big gap between the media and the reader.

We believe that when fragments of knowledge and day-to-day life become the style of life, it will turn into a huge wave which can open a new cultural place.

We are with the mission on the base of the fair press. We will do our best to become the third sector of civil society who can support objective perspective and sharp criticism, so that we can be an alternative to the municipalities of the era.

We might not deliver lots of content, however, please keep supporting Gwanggyo News’ each step, which will slake the thirst for culture. 

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